Saturday, 23 January 2016

Is colouring the new stress therapy?

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With (almost) everything available online these days, I've seldom stepped into a bookstore (not to mention lack of time to read story books). I was kind of surprised when I went into one today - a section dedicated just for colouring books for adults! I've quickly dismissed the colouring apps that's been appearing in the AppStore but this section brought that memory back into mind.

Looks like it's the new stress therapy for adults! Without knowing if it really works, I was quickly tempted into getting one. I suppose I love colouring because I have been in the creative mood lately without much creativity. Colouring seems like the next best thing for me since I can't think of much to draw or create.

That aside, IS colouring really therapeutic? The Guardian seems to agree while at the same time stressing that being therapeutic doesn't mean it is a stress therapy. The Huffington Post, however, appears to be an advocate. Well, I suppose at the end of the day it really goes back to the individual - not all things suit everyone. As for me, I ended up not buying any - I doubt I have the patience to even finish a page of someone else's really complicated drawings.

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