Tuesday, 29 March 2016

WhatsApp - Abused and Misused

Seriously, there's really nothing wrong with WhatsApp (or any messenger apps) but it's how society abuse it. Had I complained about this before? I can't remember. If I had this shows how much I really hate how some people use it.

A little background: WhatsApp had become THE messenger app of the century because of its popularity in the mobile world. I had tried others such as Line, Viber and WeChat and deleted all of them except WhatsApp because I can't stand all the notifications coming from everywhere.

Since smartphones conquered the world, people had resorted to WhatsApp instead of SMS because mobile data, though most of the time finite, is still perceived to be cheaper than charges per message (I guess to the point where telcos had started to offer unlimited calls and SMS in their packages). Wifi is generously available everywhere, too.

I can't begin to complain about how e-mails were abused but that was the past. The present invasion of mobile messengers is a much more pressing issue!!! Since my nature of work deals with a lot of projects simultaneously, co-workers and bosses have this love to create group chats for each project, sometimes even duplicates because they forgot they created one in the first place! Imagine my battery life wears out by noon just because of these chats!

As if calls way after work hours and weekends were not enough, messages about work just keep popping up in the notification center. Argh! And this prompted me to create the following parody of a real scenario. Poor victim of society tried to quit one of those above mentioned group chats but keep getting invited. Well, at least I had fun doing that.

ps. I never knew Apple's "Do Not Disturb" mode could come in so darn handy these days! At last, peace on earth once again, even if only for just a few hours. I am sane again.

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