Thursday, 16 July 2009

All Those Hoaxes Debunked!

I'm sure everyone of us have received hoaxes in our e-mails or been pointed to some by our friends. Just that, probably, some would have received less and some, plentiful. It is the end of the world!

Among the top 15 hoaxes highlighted by Mashable, I've only encountered a few of them:
  1. The Montauk Monster - never believed this and am not believing another one with a mermaid skeleton either.
  2. How to Charge an iPod with an Onion - maybe I would try this but I don't have an iPod. Phew!
  3. The Derbyshire Fairy - never believed this.
  4. Bill Gates Wants to Give You Money - I've got plenty of these and am proud to say that I did not forward any
  5. Hercules the Dog
  6. Bigfoot's Body - this was widespread across the internet and by the time I read it, it was already a hoax.
  7. The Blair Witch Project - I was too young then, without broadband (or even dialup, I think!) and so many people were saying it was real. Luckily I've not seen the movie. I heard the camera shakes more than Cloverfield. By the way, J. J. Abrams' got quite some interesting movies lined up in the next few years. There's an untitled Earthquake project. Wonder if the camera shakes as violently as the earthquake depicted in the movie or maybe it's just a code name for a very peaceful movie about a lake with very still water...
  8. Hurricane Lili Watersprouts
Oh my, my "only encountered a few of them" sure was an understatement. It's over half of them! Why those hoaxes!

via Mashable.

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